XanMaX: XanMaX offers a unique product line of Trans-Lutein and high levels of Trans-Zeaxanthin in varied combinations.
Our world class research and development, and process oriented manufacturing practices, have enabled us to formulate top of the line products. We can offer lutein ester and Meso Zeaxanthin next to our free Lutein and Trans-Zeaxanthin.

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We are currently working on:

    · Natural Lycopene from Tomato

· Natural Beta Carotene from Blakeslea trispora

· Alpha and Beta Cryptoxanthin from natural sources

· Steviol glycosides and Rebaudiosides A

· Different highly purified extracts out of India’s biodiversity
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Lutein Esters: Lutein Esters product lines are with high pure concentrates and bulk formulations.
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Products - Lutein Esters
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